Spurs Blow The Chance To Go Top Of The English Premier League

How disappointing can it be for a Spurs supporter when the team has a chance to go top of the premier league twice in one week and it doesn’t happen. Firstly Leicester wins on the weekend to keep Spurs 2nd and then the team are unable to beat West Ham in their back yard. It has been a long time  since the team have been in this position and it would be terrible to see them throw it away. Well,well,well can they hold it together until the end of the season this time around?


premier leagueThe English Premier League

For so many years we have watched spurs finish in the top half of the table with not a lot to show for it, and suddenly this season they are actually in with a shout. Well firstly they need to encounter Arsenal and prevent them from getting past again as in previous seasons. At least they don’t have to contend with Chelsea or Manchester united at the moment. Leicester is powering on ahead shocking the life out of everybody but Tottenham Hotspur have also managed to surprise. At the beginning of the premier league season they showed off a very young team that quite honestly did not look anything like title contenders at that time. This group of youngsters really did the job for the team and one can only imagine where the team would have been if it had not been for all the earlier draws. If just half of those had turned into wins the premier league would have been won.

A big game lies ahead for Spurs on the weekend against the main enemy Arsenal. For the team to move on they really need to have a convincing win against Arsenal and gain the momentum back. Another loss will leave everything in the balance and all the supporters wondering if the team can or not. With all that said they are definitely in the perfect spot for a good top 4 finish but throw that away and there will be a lot of forensic evaluation at the end of the season. It goes without saying that everybody will most likely accept a good top 4 finish in the end but with a league championship in sight supporters are starting to get very excited.



Spurs did not look themselves against West Ham and I would not call that bad luck but rather a poor performance on the night. A similar performance against Arsenal will leave the team with problems on the weekend so hopefully they will be a little more inspirational then. West ham thought they had won the cup final or the lottery when they beat Spurs but that is definitely not something that is going to happen a lot in the future as the Tottenham team build and become stronger. Now we can only understand how Manchester City supporters must be feeling with so much money spent on the team but struggling to succeed. Chelsea even worse, win the league and find your team struggling the following season. It has been a strange old season and boy do I hope for a similar season next year as it has been great, oh I forgot there are a few out there who would probably disagree, like Manchester United Supporters or Chelsea supporters who have watched their teams struggle this season. Sorry I did not intend to forget Liverpool as they too are rebuilding now. These are teams with fantastic potential and great history but unfortunately it becomes tiresome seeing the same winners year in and year out. The best thing that could have happened was Leicester heading the way forward.

Well we wait to see what will happen at the end of the season and if the old guard can catch up again or not but I believe it will be great to see a change and I would hope for it to continue onward.  While Spurs supporters hope it will be their turn many a neutral must be rooting for Leicester in the end. Thanks for reading the blog and don’t forget to sign up to stay in touch.


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What A Strange Premier League Season

In a strange Premier league where we see Chelsea struggling at the bottom of the table and Manchester United having a tough time it would seem the time has come for changes in the hierarchy of football. Tottenham Hotspur losing 1-0 at Leicester was not exactly what I had in mind for the week. While Leicester are flying ahead looking at the possibility of actually wining the league many of the bigger name teams are floundering.

premier league

The Premier League this year.

New coaches, new players and a whole new season but one thing that has not helped anyone this season except Leicester has been the changing of team management. Nothing has improved at Chelsea, Manchester United or even Aston Villa. Spurs on the other hand are playing well but seem to still lack the consistency to keep pushing on ahead but perhaps with the help of a couple of new players in the team that will improve. Poch has done well to get the team were it is with what has been available and certainly seems to be able to get the best out of the players. That said Leicester has really taken the Premier league by surprise.


With loads of rumors surrounding transfers we have yet to see an additional striker arrive a Spurs and some of the older players who are no longer in the team are still on the payroll. The important thing for Tottenham Hotspur this time around will be to keep their top players and not sell them off too quickly. Spurs have built a good dynamic team and with one or 2 small changes they could win the premier league anytime. On the flip side it looks like Aston Villa are doomed to relegation at the end of this season, wow who would have believed that a couple of seasons ago.

Once again it is proven that chopping and changing management is not the answer they just need to get the balance in the teams correct. How long will Van Gaal keep his job at Manchester United as they struggle to find form? The joke of it all is Manchester United fans where calling for Jose to take over after getting fired at Chelsea. Now that is a kick in the teeth. How can a manager be good enough to win the league in one season and then get fired the next? It makes little sense but then football in the Premier League seldom does.

Jurgen Klopp has started to get to grips with Liverpool but they are still not on form to take a top 4 position in the league. This is a Manager that actually turned down united according to rumor but is also seemingly not happy with the players he has at Liverpool. Give the Managers time and they will get to grips with the league and their teams.

It looks like the Toons are set to swoop in for Townsend at Spurs as Poch has stopped playing him in the 1st team, although Aston Villa, Watford and and West Brom have asked for his signature. One would have thought that Tottenham Hotspur would have negotiated some kind of deal with West Brom for the striker but nothing has been put forward yet.  Tottenham Hotspur have signed midfielder Shilow Tracey from non-league Ebbsfleet United for an undisclosed fee. This does leave fans a little concerned as to when they will swoop in for players they may actually need. Perhaps they are building from the bottom and not intending to spend loads of cash but it all remains to be seen. While the existing team is excellent it may be close finishing in the top 4. With that said Manchester City have had a poor run by their standards and one would have expected them to be running off with the league rather than struggling to win games. Perhaps city need a younger team rather than an expensive old team.


The Premier League looks set to finish completely different this season but it has surprised before and don’t be shocked to find the old names apart from perhaps Chelsea up in the top 6 at the end of the season as the other names fall away. This would not be something unusual as we have seen it all before. One or 2 injuries can set the smaller teams back in a rather big way leaving the door open for the bigger name teams with loads of depth in the team. A good example of this is Liverpool who have taken a string of injuries lately, and while they probably need to identify why this happened and look at training they had enough depth in the team to remain competitive. The big question asked is would a team like Leicester be able to maintain the same strength and depth.




Who knows how the league will end this season with all the strange things happening but what an interesting season with everything changing around rather than the same old stuff. I believe that the premier league needed this and that it is good for football making it far more interesting for the fans. Sorry I couldn’t bring you more transfer news but it seems a little lackluster this January as teams are trying to find consistency in their game. Most of the signings are pretty boring at the moment but you can go and check them out at sky if need be or simply click on transfer news. Perhaps there will be a big rush towards the end as per usual especially with Spurs but it really does not look like it. The January window has become too expensive in most cases as desperate teams have paid premium prices to get players into their team in the past so I believe a lot of the teams will leave their bigger moves till next season.

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The Making Of A Good Football Team

I am sure you have asked yourself on more than one occasion what makes up a good football team. So often we see a team running away with the league and looking unbeatable and it is easy to credit the Manager or the players when this happens. While they do deserve credit it is also important to understand why hey are winning or what can cause the exact same team to suddenly start losing as is the case with Chelsea this season.

a good football team

The formula for a good football team.

Unfortunately it would appear that there is no given formula apart from the fact that the team need to be happy and that they need to be a team in all respects. Having great players it would seem only part of the formula needed to succeed. Great players tend to become lazy and older as the money flows into their bank accounts and they start to believe they are irreplaceable. Pochettino seems to have done a pretty good job of nipping this in the bud at Spurs this season as it is his way or no way. One cannot say that the players at Spurs are worth more than the players at Man City this season but Poch has put together a good football team.


To succeed a team needs to be extremely fit as so many games can be won in the last 20 minutes if the opposition is not fit enough.  Something I have seen so many times in so many different sports. I have seen so many teams buying in older players that they might feel are some kind of super stars that will create a good football team for them only to discover that the player is only there for the money and while being older is also not fit enough. Now you are stuck with an older player that needs to be brought up to standard. Scouts may have a tough job but far to many seem to take the easy way out. Form tends to come and go and the older players get the more it goes. If I were managing a premier team I would not even consider bringing a player like Ronaldo into the team no matter if he is rated as the best player in the world, I would much rather take a young talent and turn him into the best player just as Ferguson did with Ronaldo to start with.

"I'm knackered trying to keep tabs on the potential consequences of the away goal rule!"
“I’m knackered trying to keep tabs on the potential consequences of the away goal rule!”

Good Management is important as obviously it is the management that chooses who will play in the team and how it will play. This is key to getting the teams confidence in the correct place as well as creating a winning mind set. While good management is important it is also important not to change management on a regular basis just because you feel the team is going through a rough patch. If you are changing management on a regular basis there will be no consistency in the team and the team will struggle to finish in the top spots no matter how good the players. The idea that a manager or head coach can easily be fired could easily cause revolt in the team  simply to get rid of management they don’t like. It is a dangerous game to play and something that needs to be ruled out. Most of the most successful teams with some exceptions have a manager that has a very good and lasting relationship with the team.


A team takes time to build it is not built in a day or over a period of three games as some seem to think, so become patient and wait for something to happen. Agreed if the management is rubbish it will never happen then a change needs to be made but it does not need to be made on a matter of a few games or a drop in form. I would have dropped dead laughing if Chelsea had fired Jose recently when their form dropped. Here is a guy like him or not with a track record many managers would love to have yet everyone was talking about his demise and he is still not in a safe place. Well,well,well is that how we run a football team. You only have to look to Spurs to see how bad the theory behind using to many managers over the years is as Tottenham Hotspur have won very little over the last 10 years. Spurs had a good run with Harry Redknapp as he stayed for a while and I expect they will do well with Poch if he gets to stay but we all know how trigger happy Levy is.

While a good football team needs a good leader it is not expected that that leader should be a magician with some kind of magic wand. That leader needs time to develop his own team over time and weed out the bad players. A good team is young energetic well organised and happy and while that does not sound like much just think what your friends can be like when they are all together in a crowed.

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Premier league Soccer Managers Get Fired Too Easily

As we get closer to December premier league managers start to lose their jobs again, a trend that is starting to drive me nuts. This becoming a more and more popular trend on an annual basis and while I can see the need to freshen up in some cases, a lot of these cases are Managers that not even been in the job for a full season or managers that achieved success in the previous season.

premier league

Job security issues for a premier league manager.

In my opinion this is something that has got out of hand completely as managers of football clubs are hired and fired on a regular basis while players are paid huge sums of money to not perform. Why is it that the CEO never seems to get the boot? I would have thought he would be where the buck stops not at the head coach. I look at Liverpool and Brendan Rodgers as a good example, a coach who has been pretty successful given what he had at his disposal yet he was fired and replaced with Jurgen Klopp, oh yes a coach with a much bigger and better track record so did they simply find a good excuse to get rid of Brendan? The premier league has it’s ways and I look at Jose who still has his job at Chelsea and while I agree he was probably one game away from fired he is still there. Imagine if they had fired Jose from Chelsea after the success he achieved last season, it just would not make good sense at all.

"I'm knackered trying to keep tabs on the potential consequences of the away goal rule!"
“I’m knackered trying to keep tabs on the potential consequences of the away goal rule!”

Managers who work in the premier league are constantly under pressure and cannot be expected to succeed 100% of the time. You will not achieve any consistency by chopping and changing managers every season changing the style in the teams and the players on a regular basis. After the first 6 games of the season I became concerned for Spurs and Poch as Levy has a reputation for axing managers on a regular basis. I am really pleased that he has stuck with the management team and given them a chance to prove themselves over time. This was proven over and over again at Manchester United with Alex Ferguson.  Alex was also almost fired early in his career at Manchester united but managed to hold on to become one of the greatest managers they ever had if not the greatest.


Teams cannot be developed in a week  and a coaches style and strategy takes time to mold into a team, and take note when the head coach is replaced he brings an entirely new coaching staff 9 times out of 10 confusing the hell out of any team. Suddenly players become insecure and unsure if they will remain in the team and that just takes the enjoyment out of the game for them. As more managers heads are bound to fall over the next couple of months in the premier league I can only hope that Tottenham Hotspur will hold onto their manager of the day and give him enough time to develop this team properly. It is already evident that our players are good enough for England and have now started to create a nice young England team. I was surprised to see how many Spurs players have been chosen for the international teams just proving that they are good enough.


While some teams achieve success with a change in management, most do not achieve much more and end up stuck in the same old place. It is often a lot to do with the club itself, look at how Harry Redknapp managed to take Spurs up from a bad position yet could do nothing or very little for QPR. This is the same manager so you can only ask yourself why that is. If the opportunity exists for the manager to make a difference he will, but if the same old obstacles remain in his way then how the hell can he be expected to change anything. That said the changes in management this season have been interesting to say the least and some very good managers have filtered into the league giving us a lot to look forward to in the near future. Lets hope they don’t lose 6 games in a row or they will be facing the same fate as the others as these days it would appear a run of 6 or 7 games will seal your fate. If it is felt that management is to blame then the CEO should be held up for employing the wrong person in the first place and if not that allocating funds incorrectly or just having a poor staff in general.


The manager of the club is not always to blame as there are others around him that can influence the situation in a big way so before you go condemning the manager of any club think of the reasons for a clubs poor performance. When a team is winning, the entire team takes the credit but notably they all go missing and leave the manager by himself when things start to go astray. This habit does not produce better players and actually helps promote mutiny in the dressing room as it is that easy to get rid of the manager these days. Lets think again before condemning one person for the performance at a club.

Lucky for Poch this season Spurs have come good and are competing at the top of the league again. lets hope it can stay that way and the team are given the chance to grow.

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Jose Mourinho was wheeling his shopping trolley across the supermarket car park when he noticed an old lady struggling with her shopping. He stopped and asked, “Can you manage dear?” to which the old lady replied, “no way you got yourself into this mess, don’t ask me to sort it out!” 



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5 Key Players Tottenham Hotspur Need To Keep In The Team To Succeed

As Tottenham Hotspur build their young energetic team it became obvious that there are players they simply cannot do without in the team. While it is clear that players can be replaced it would be more prudent to keep the team together for a while. Losing the odd player here and there will allow for the younger players to come through as expected but it is imperative that they keep some experience in the team.

tottenham hotspur

The Tottenham Hotspur Team

Spurs have had some great players in the past including one of the more recent losses Gareth Bale, and while you may think they profited from the sale the funds were soon wasted on a bunch of crap players. The thinking and the staff have since changed at the club as Poch looks to create a young creative team from the youth sides. Well, while this is a great idea it would be nice to think that they might keep some of the better players this time around as they did with Harry Kane this season. With a 40 million pound offer on the table rejected for Kane Tottenham Hotspur was given new hope for the future. Players at Spurs are finally starting to pitch in and give it their all in the games. A few more additions to the team will give them the opportunity to once again break into the top 4 in the near future, if not even this season. In my previous post I noted why they would not break into the top 4 but with one or 2 additions this could all change very quickly as even the team at hand is doing a pretty good job. This said one key injury can put Tottenham Hotspur on the back foot again, and as you know keeping confidence high is key.


Key players we really don’t need to lose now.

  1. Hugo Loris – Probably one of the best goalkeepers in the world with clubs like Manchester United sneaking about trying to lure him over to their club. Manu have been a huge culprit when taking our best players away over the years…..Not this time.
  2. Christian Eriksen – The best player in the Spurs team in my opinion if my opinion is worth anything. Still very young with a smashing future ahead of him. When we lost Bale taking our set pieces Christian fitted in perfectly in this area. A lucky buy for AVB when he was in charge as he got the rest wrong in a big way.
  3. Dele Alli – What an addition to the midfield and what a surprise. Keep this youngster as he will only get better over time.
  4. Harry Kane – I would normally not have added Harry particularly in the past but the lad has really begun to impress not just with his goals but his ability in the team and great work ethic. I was surprised to see the offer on the table for Harry from the Manchester club. Some have said he may emulate players like Gary Lineker but we will watch and see.
  5. Erik Lamela – Now I know I am going to get lambasted for this one but think of how his play has improved since he arrived, and imagine if we had not paid 30 mil for him that would have made all the difference. I believe he could be very useful to the team and I would still like to see if he could fill in as a center forward when we are short as I think he might do an even better job there than on the wing. Don’t get rid of him before he has rekindled his form.

5 Great players but bear in mind the whole team is great and I hate to leave players like Mouse Dembele or Chadli out of the five or anyone else for that matter but these few strike a balance in the team and although the team can play without Lamela in the team and win I believe he may be key in the future.  Watching this group of players on the pitch is never disappointing as they are always giving their best and that is making a huge difference to Spurs this season.

Poch has a difficult choice to make this week with the Europa league to play and then the Arsenal on the weekend. Unfortunately arch rivals Arsenal have been flying of late and just like the game with Man city Spurs need to put a stop to that run. It’s never easy is it? Both games are important and it would be nice to see Spurs keep the unbeaten run going for a while longer.


Spurs v Anderlecht – complete head-to-head statistics #Tottenham https://t.co/K9erfLMNON


RT @SCTVSports: Saksikan Arsenal vs Tottenham Hotspur di #BPLSCTV. Minggu, 8 November 2015 pukul 22.30 WIB. https://t.co/FoasZKTBiz

If they manage to beat Arsenal it will produce huge amounts of confidence going into the rest of the season, but a good game against Anderlecht will make a difference to that game overall. Well, a good game will be if Spurs win of course. Choosing the teams for these 2 games will be pretty tricky as Spurs really don’t need to have a tired team on Sunday, although the coaching staff have certainly addresses fitness in this team and with such a young team they should not be too tired to be frank. Some of the key players might be left out of the Anderlecht game to ensure a strong team on Sunday but many of the players in the team are capable of going through both games with ease. Eriksen seems to be one of those players that play game in and game out without any issues. Although Harry Kane would like to play every game he is still recovering from recent injury and I doubt they will risk 2 full games with him as he is our only real on form striker at the moment. Hopefully Son will be back soon to back him up and Njie can somehow find the form he was brought into the team for. Unfortunately Njie has not really looked the part yet. Poch may have to give players like Vorm and Townsend a bit of a run out but being up against it he may just choose not to. Rumor has been floating about that Townsend would like to leave the club but it is only rumor and while he still employed by Spurs I am sure he will give his best.

Preview: Tottenham Hotspur vs. Anderlecht

Tottenham  have the chance of returning to the top of Group J in the Europa League if they manage to overcome Anderlecht on Thursday night at White Hart Lane. Mauricio Pochettino’s side may be 10-games unbeaten in the Premier League, but they …

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 ” A man is sitting in a pub with his Jack Russell dog one Saturday afternoon. The football results are coming up on the television in the corner, “Liverpool 2, Tottenham Hotspur 1,” reads the announcer in his normal, rather sedate, voice. Suddenly the Jack Russell dog jumps up and shouts out, “Oh, no, not again.”The shocked landlord says, “That’s amazing. Why did he say that when the result was announced that Tottenham lost?” “Because he’s a Spurs supporter,” the dog’s owner replies. The landlord then asked what the dog says when Tottenham win a match, to which the man replied, “I don’t know. I’ve only had him three years.”

It’s only a joke…..

“There was once a fanatical Spurs supporter who thought of nothing but football all day long. He talked about football, read about football, watched nothing but football on television and attended matches as often as he possibly could. At last his poor wife could. stand it no longer. One night she said, ‘I honestly believe you love Spurs more than you love me!’

‘Blimey,’ said the fan, ‘I love Hartlepool United more than I love you!”




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Reasons Spurs May Not Finish In The Barclays Premier League Top 4

As the Barclays premier league started Spurs have never really looked convincing yet have somehow managed to hold on. Once again they showed their inherent weakness to hold onto a lead in the Europa league this week. It would seem that just when you think Spurs are taking one step forward they end up back where they started.

barclays premier league

A Barclays Premier League Top 4 Finish

Perhaps the team should start to aim higher than just the top 4 as they just keep on missing the mark. There are many reasons Tottenham Hotspur will struggle this season starting with Harry Kane not scoring goals. Once again we have a top striker that is not scoring, or was Harry just a flash in the pan? I doubt that as he was starting to look the real thing last season but seems to be a little out of sorts with scoring at the moment. A whole host of injuries has not helped matters at all with Son out of the team unable to back Harry. Unfortunately Njie has not yet found his feet and I am beginning to wonder if he was such a great acquisition, but obviously Poch will know better when it comes to getting to the top of the Barclays premier league. Poch has tried to play Njie a couple of times with no success but perhaps he will get it together sometime soon, well…..hopefully.


A lack of good striking opportunities and a weak start to the season has not helped their quest in getting to the top 4  and with injuries plaguing the team they are starting to look light weight. They have never looked like a team that is going to flatten the opposition in the Barclays premier league this season but have rather looked a team that is punching above their weight. The 4-1 win at city seemed to give everybody hope but as per usual they lost that form almost immediately to go back to being lucky to get a good draw. Although the team have been playing reasonably well at times it is difficult for supporters to have full confidence at all the games.

My,my,my with things as they are one can only hope they are planning to strengthen the squad in the new year. Looking on the bright side at least they are not as bad as Chelsea at the moment but hey lets not have them catch up and fly past us. Arch rivals Arsenal are top of the league and once again showing Spurs the way giving them bragging rights. One could never have believed Arsenal would be that good this season but perhaps they still need to fall by the wayside as they always do in the end. If Poch is building from the bottom up then perhaps Spurs should not be expecting a top 4 finish this season but rather look for a premier league win slightly further out. With the team being young perhaps if they can keep most of the team together they will achieve amazing things as time goes by.


RT @LiverpoolFC: Jürgen Klopp’s Southampton programme notes: Jürgen Klopp has delivered his first Barclays Premier League match… https://…

Klopp held spurs to a well earned draw in his first premier game in charge and looks to be tough opposition for a top 4 finish this season with Arsenal,Manchester city and Manchester united to contend with again. With Arsenal in top form and the 2 Manchester clubs looking in form it is going to be a tough ask for Spurs over the season with the players they have at the moment. Although great players they seem to lack the experience and the metal to win the league this season let alone finish 4th. If I am sounding rather negative it is because I am as I have followed this team for 43 years and deja vu is setting in again. I remember going through a time when Spurs supporters were happy to finish in the top 8 but things have changed and expectations are to play in the Champions league rather than simply finish well in the season.


It is plainly obvious that Tottenham Hotspur need another top class striker to compliment the team as the rest of the team does not look that bad and certainly look strong enough to hold their own. I would look at trying Lamela in the strikers role sometime if Harry or Son is not available a I believe he might just suit the part. Lamela has been struggling to get to grips in the midfield but certainly does know were the net is and perhaps with a little training he could easily fit the part. Poch is not scared to change player positions as he has done it with great success in Dier. A good striker would have made all the difference to the Spurs season no disrespect to Harry and perhaps would have had us competing for top place.

Barclays Premier League Table: Updated 2015 EPL Review After Week 10 Results

Arsenal went top of the Premier League table on Saturday with a win over Everton at the Emirates Stadium, while Chelsea’s season continued to falter as they sank to a 2-1 defeat against West Ham United. Leicester City earned their first clean sheet of
Tottenham take on Bournemouth fc a club we should be able to overcome but bearing in mind they played pretty well against City last week even though they were well beaten. The eventual score line did not really do Bournemouth much justice as they looked a lot better than that on the day. Spurs will be hoping they can achieve the same success over them today and that perhaps Harry can start scoring again. Tottenham Hotspur are holding 7th with a game in hand at the moment needing the 3 points to stay in touch with the Manchester clubs and Arsenal, not to mention Liverpool.
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“A tourist is in North London one Saturday and he decides he would very much like to go to a football match, so he asks a man in the street if there are any local matches being played that afternoon.

“Well,” replies the man, “the Arsenal ground is very close but they’re playing away today. If you feel you really must see a match, the Tottenham ground is not that far away. You go straight down this road and you’ll see two queues, a big queue and a small queue.  You should go to the small queue because the big one is for the fish and chip shop.”


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Tottenham vs Manchester City- Spurs 4 City 1

Told my good friend this morning whom supports city to watch out for the game Tottenham vs Manchester city and jokingly predicted Spurs 4 City 1. He had a good laugh and told me he was not impressed with my predictions. To my amazement Spurs actually won the game 4-1 in an impressive display.

tottenham vs manchester city

Tottenham vs Manchester City 4-1

City were 1-0 early in the game and it was starting to look like another one of those thumping’s from city, but it was not to be as Dier squeezed a fine controversial equalizer in just before half time. Tottenham looked a different more confident team in the 2nd half taking the game to city and it was not long before they were 2-1 up. Kane scored at last leaving Spurs with a well deserved 4-1 victory. Although the Spurs 1st goal seemed to be offside in the build up the City goal also looked to be offside so all square there. There was also some discussion as to Kane being offside but even with slow motion replay they were struggling to prove that so how they can expect the referee to call it is beyond me.


Hasil Liga Inggris Tadi Malam: Tottenham vs Manchester City 4-1 http://t.co/1s1o4A9De1 http://t.co/muNCYDYNKZ

Spurs really do seemed to have turned the corner and I am really looking forward to the rest of this season.


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Spurs Knocked Out Of The Capital One Cup

Tottenham Hotspur won’t be going into the last 16 of the Capital One Cup as they were unfortunately beaten by their arch rivals Arsenal or as I like to call them Arse Nil. 

capital one cup

The Capital One Cup And The League

On watching the game it was clear to me that Spurs have turned a corner and were looking the better side, but that is how the game of football goes. I personally thought Spurs played well and deserved more on the night. All the same I got to thinking, do they really want to win this game and stay in the league cup with bigger fish to fry? This could be a small blessing in disguise as they can focus on the league amongst other bigger competitions. I think they rather finish in the top 4 of the league than win the cup. It’s just a pity it had to be Arsenal rather than some 3rd division upset that would have been easier to swallow.

Spurs on the weekend

Now it is time for them to go and face Manchester City on the weekend and as they fortunately did not have to play any extra time in the Capital One Cup the team should be fighting fit on the day.


With a full strong team available to Poch Man City will not have the easy run they have been getting against Spurs in the past and can expect an upset on the day. Although City have had a good start to the year the are starting to trip up here and there again against strong opposition. The capital One Cup is now behind Spurs and its time to get into some serious business moving up the league table.


Manuel Pellegrini hails important win in the Cup at Sunderland – http://t.co/aL6liww0ji http://t.co/rI4nM906NN


RT @SkyFootball: We pick out six talking points from an exciting evening of Capital One Cup action | @ghostgoal http://t.co/Dpm5ghuLQI http…


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Tottenham Hotspur vs Manchester City-Are Spurs Turning a corner?

As I was watching the game between Tottenham Hotspur and Crystal Palace I got to thinking, have Spurs turned the corner?

tottenham hotspur

Tottenham Hotspur Turns The Corner

Just a couple of days before when Spurs managed a 3-1 win in the Europa league I was still not convinced but when I watched th CP game I was really impressed with the improvement. Lamela had a better game and when Erikson came on the field he clearly made a huge difference to the team. With Son gaining more confidence and Erikson back in the team I believe all the games will look more convincing. Spurs were really lacking a play maker and Erikson just gives them that edge. I would still be a little concerned with their defensive capability but I am sure they are working on it. Without the world class keeper there might not have been any clean sheets. Harry Kane is struggling to score of late but if he stays on the pitch he will probably start finding the net again. More game time for Lamela will probably also help him get his form back.

tottenham hotspur vs manchester city

Man City & Spurs

Lets hope Tottenham Hotspur can keep up the good form at Man City as city have been raging this season even though they lost the last game. It would be a great time for City to be off form giving Spurs the opportunity to get closer to the top 4 spot with a good win. This is probably going to be one of the most difficult games of the season but winning would give Spurs a huge boost in confidence but on the flip side a big loss might hurt them a touch.


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Rumor has it they will be putting out a very strong side against city so a good game is most certainly in the offing.
While it looks like the team has turned the corner it is important that they keep form as the new players in the team get to know the team and the old players get to know them, as the team has changed a lot over the last season even though it does not seem like they made a lot of transfers. Poch is building a young good side and patience is the order of the day. I can’t wait to see what the side will look like if they really start to flow. I think a lot of the deadwood was removed from the team and all the players in the team deserve to be there at the moment. A lot has been said about Lamela but give him a chance and his talent will shine.


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Tottenham Hotspur and The Europa League

There is Spurs playing in the Europa league against a team I had never even heard of with what I can only call their 2nd team.

europa league

Spurs win 3-1 in the Europa league

Although the team won I spent the evening watching players like Lamela and Danny Rose giving the ball away while others were struggling to place the ball. Did these players look tired to you? I thought Poch was one for fitness but I am beginning to wonder on that front. With this win in the bag the statistic looks good but the team most certainly did not look convincing and I remain concerned for the league. I can only begin to think that the main cause is the fact that the players are getting used to each other. Players like Lamela , oh ye our most expensive player, will really need to start showing some form. Yes Lamela scored a goal but what else did he do on the night. A couple of the youngsters looked promising but I cant help thinking that a lack of preparation for the season is costing Spurs. Poch put a young team out but there is no real playmaker in the team and we if he intends to stay in the Europa league he may have to rethink the team he puts out there. I am not that confident in Tom Carrol and it looks like Dier is doing all the work.

europa league

The weekend ahead

Lets look forward to getting Erikson back in the team as at least he is still at Spurs and lets hope Harry can start scoring again as he was not so lucky in the Europa league this time around. Son looked great in the strikers role and he may be just what the team needs and gives an option up front. I expect we will see the more solid league team in the weekend derby and hopefully they will work hard to win the game. I have never been a fan of having the goalkeeper as the Captain of the team but the most important business the team did this season was to keep Loris so I would easily live with that decision. It seems strange that Harry Kane has become so senior in the team as just the other day he was a junior but that’s what a great season can do for a player. While his value is increasing some of our more prominent players are losing value fast. Crystal Palace has become a pretty difficult team to beat lately so Spurs are in for a tough game and I would say they really need to win this game to kick start the season. If they don’t win this game they will find themselves languishing in the bottom half of the table and this is never a good way to get the season up and running. I’ll keep my faith in the coach as we cannot simply keep changing coaches season after season the team needs to gain some consistency not only in playing but management as well.


Spurs should win this game 2-1

Enjoy the weekend.



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